United's new rosé, Delta's snazzy lounges and American's improved loyalty program all seem to work toward the same goal — to make occasional travelers…
Norse Atlantic's president read my rants about placeholder schedules. But he's looking at extending schedules far into the future. If people want to…
If you need the latest trends at U.S. ULCCs, don't miss today's post, which includes news from Frontier, Spirit and Sun Country.
CEO Bob Jordan fields an unexpected question at the J.P. Morgan Industrials Conference. Also: JetBlue's CEO pushes back on the DOT, and Alaska's CFO…
All you need to know about Delta, United and American from Tuesday's J.P. Morgan 2023 Industrials Conference. You want to impress your boss, right?
Also in today's newsletter: United says January and February weren't as hot as expected. And Carsten Spohr throws shade at IAG for its loyalty strategy.
The airline's CEO tells me what makes the airline unique.
The government’s case doesn't have much to do with JetBlue. Instead, it wants to save an innovative airline that consumers rely on.
I spoke to the airline's chief commercial officer. Plus: Northern Pacific Airways is such a sad story.
Today's free post covers something insiders already know, but others might not. The placeholder schedule is not beloved, even at airlines.

February 2023

Group CEO Ben Smith wants Charles de Gaulle to operate more like Heathrow and less like Munich.
Breeze's CEO told me about his plan to bring some Morris Air-style magic to Breeze Airways. Also, what's his obsession with Thru-Flights? And when is…